pisac inti huatana ruins

I (We) Came Because of the Mountain (Pisac, Peru)

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This is a test. I’m

Before: I was a perpetually broke and impulsive traveler who was inspired by the multitudes of possible experiences… inspired by the promise of travel. I yearned towards the multitudes of destinations. [yearning for travel started when I moved to Argentina and had my first taste of living in a new culture]. I set off again prior to grad school for a backpacking trip through South America. At the time I didn’t understand my motivations for doing it. My travels were fueled by curiosity, by a yearning for adventure. While I’ve learned that this motivation can bring us to expand into possibilities, understanding new perspectives by offering us the opportunity to develop relationships with people from otherwise different and and distant cultures, to nourish our imaginations which can take us to understand wider-reaching reasons for why things are how they are in our lives…. through travel we offer ourselves the opportunity for direct inquiry: either supporting or breaking beyond limited beliefs about who we are and what our place is in the world, [relationships.] Everything is about relationship. At first I was afraid to travel. I was afraid of what my parents would say about me wasting the inheratance money which they said I should be saving for buying a house or for saving for retirement. I never knew how to connect with this way of thinking. By simply making the choice to start traveling, I made a step in the right direction. But it would take almost a decade of breaking out into more travels with a still not-fully-examined curiosity, without integrating Transformation: years of suffering by going broke, going into panic mode, needing to abandon important projects in order to fix the crumbling parts of my foundation. The transformation was by getting sick of this [AN IMPORTANT FOLLOW UP PROMPT IS: WHAT IS A SPECIFIC STORY THAT YOU CAN TELL FOR EACH OF THESE CIRCUMSTANCES/PHASES TO BRING HOME FOR OTHERS WHAT THIS MEANS?]After: I know why I want to travel and have made clear to myself of what my intentions and objectives are. I’ve realized processes for using my experiences to support my mission in a way that is aligned with my purpose. I understand now that the experiences of travel are only one step in a larger project. By developing these skills in myself, I can now support others to do the same for themselves by providing them with value. by helping others learn the art of sustainable travel for themselves as well. 

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