Who is Scott?



I am holistic creative, a resiliancy entrepreneur, a self empowerment coach, a transformative guide, and an intercultural web-weaver.

I'm also a musician and a singer, a poet, a freestlyle flow artist, a photographer and videographer, a shamanic practictioner, an advocate, an explorer, a friend, a deep listener, and an inevitably imperfect, sometimes confused seeker, doing my best to authentically embody my higher purpose, while striving to help others to do the same for themselves.



My mission is to help confused adventurers, blocked creatives, and overwhelmed visionaries to awaken to their inner guidance so that they can align with their superpowers, voice their authentic truth, and enact intentional change into their lives and into the world.


I help people who

  • Are returning from transformational experiences such as retreats and working with plant medicines who are looking for support to integrate these experiences into their lives.

  • Are inspired yet confused about what you want to do with their lives and how to do it

  • Want to develop a body of creative work, to share it with the world, and engage with a collaborative community of adventurous visionaries

  • Independent seekers who crave the skills to bring an important project to life.

  • Those who wish to go on retreat in order to awaken your inner visionary, to heal, to inquire within, overcome blockages in order to bring meaningful projects into creation

  • Those who want to travel across the Americas with a purpose, while creating meaningful relationships along the way.

Ways to Voyage with Me

Pilgrimages and Intentional Travel

Creatixdve Visionary Voyagers scale the Andes and float the Amazon, while weaving webs along the way.

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Self-Empowerment Activation coaching

Develop tools, systems, practices in order to attune to your intuition and be your own guide.

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Workshops and Retreats

Embark on an inner voyage, awaken to your higher self, and inquire within.

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How I "found my way"

How I went from being a perpetually broke impulsive traveler and cave-dwelling creative to become a curiosity-driven self-empowerment agent, doing what I am good at and what I love to do, in a way that helps others to take control of their lives, and to actualize their most pure and genuine life callings. 

It's taken me awhile to find my way. I know that I've found my way because I recognize that I haven't  found my way. I'm finding my way. 

The insights offered are grounded in my experience as a traveler, storyteller and creator, spiritual seeker, and community web weaver who’s spent the last handful of years living and traveling through vast landscapes of South America. I do not claim to have, or believe that I have the all of the answers you need. But what I offer are practical insights to help you along the way. 
alive stories from others who are finding their way to make meaningful change in the world. I’ve met and interviewed inspiring musicians, filmmakers, writers and bloggers, healers, change-makers and community builders, who offer perspective into aspects of their own journeys. The ultimate aim in doing this is to offer guidance to you about how to move forward in creating a more meaningful life, 




[I believe that we need to relearn how to see for ourselves what is true, by first becoming open-minded witnesses and observers of our experience. We emerge into frontiers of self-understanding by working with creativity (you were born to create), self-inquiry, and slowing down to look more deeply into our experiences, and therefore to question, and with time to change our underlying thought patterns and beliefs. ]

I can help you to find your own answers and to authentically create your way forward, supporting you through the challenges to recognize and remember this greater reason why you are here on the planet within this current time. by learning to ask yourself the right questions, Engage with these questions to facilitate the process of experiential inquiry  so that we can truly be our own guides towards embodying our purpose.


[I believe that every day is a new voyage, presenting us with  challenges to break beyond, and grow into our true and natural essence. [making an intentional change to your life and developing tools to support yourself to be your own guide,] [the process of understanding, and living the life of your deepest personal purpose-seeking truth.]

  [within this given moment, to discover.]  In order to do this, my role is as a guide for you to be your own guide is to walk along with you and to support your personal development...... which has been informed by my own journey over the last decade of learning to be my own guide. 

....versions of ourselves that we are so used to drawing and following the plan of what we already know, and through inherited belief systems, always at play in the unconscious mind, that without examination we take to be true.


I am a proactive actualizer who believes in the power of living from the heart. 

...inhabit our inner guidance by engaging in mindful practices such as meditation, prayer, listening,